Architecture for the Horse, Universidad Autónoma, Madrid. 1968-2000 The horse as architectural logic.
The video shows the empty scenarios of Madrid Universidad Autónoma, built in 1968 being walked by a white horse as if it were a ghostly element of the building's structure.
The space was created for police by horse to control the uprising students opposition to dictatorship.

Marbles. 1968-2000Toys against dictatorship.
The most effective way to control horses and police agents in the universities of the 70's was to spread the halls, corridors and stairs with marbles. In the video an abstract torrent of iridescent glass, thousands of glass marbles invade one of the faculties of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Reactions and interactions are created that ensure a space for freedom of thought. Small toys are able to paralyze and frighten sophisticated control machines.

Rich Cat... Dies of Heart Attack in Chicago. 2004
Realized to represent Spain at 26th São Paulo Biennale. The video depicts the deconstruction of a dictatorial or colonial monument and the possible uses of it.
Táctica, Episodios Nacionales. 2010
Blindness and sculptures of the Spanish Dictator. A group of blind people are interested in touching and getting to know the statues of Franco removed from public space.
Baraka. 2007
Palm readers read the palm line of Francisco Franco's bronze hand, on display at the army museum. The manufacturer has kept for nearly 40 years some hairs from Franco's eyebrows. They were obtained during the process of casting the funeral mask.

Azor, Síndrome de Guernica, 2012
Transformation of Francos yacht into a travelling sculpture.
Pegasus Dance. 2007
Choreography for two riot trucks and secret weapon of Rotterdam police.
Method on the Discourse. 2011
Guardia Civil anti bomb robots performing art.
Urna, Guernica. 2015
Armored vitrine to protect Guernica painting during Spanish Transition. Planned by José María García de Paredes. 
Búnker, Depósito general del Tesoro. 2015
Unconstructed deposit to preserve the artistic treasure of Spain during the Spanish Civil War. Planned by Jose Lino Vaamonde.

Amanecer. 2017
Zero moment of Tlatelolco 68 facts. Study of the Plaza de Las Tres Culturas architecture with army flares.
Stone Soul Army. 2015
Peruvian airforce musicians and conductor Abraham Padilla convert stones and modern weapons into musical instruments.

Burro Grande. 2009
Same size as typical fighting bull by Osborne. This donkey proposes a change in classical violent national paradigms of Spain.

Tank Man. 2013
Research on the creation on giving face to the unknown rebel of Tian an Men square. Michelangelo David’s size.

Souvenir. 2015
Collection of amateur photographs bought on e-bay and whose main theme is soldiers reflecting, playing, fundamentally on the theme of dying and killing. 
Spot. 2003
In the middle of the activities people received a shot and a burn appears on their clothing... but the activity continues.